Disclosures with Plm

PROFESSION: Self Employed


  • Please give us a background on your life and childhood.

I grew up in Lesotho until just after my 14th birthday and I went to a Catholic boarding in Pretoria for a year until my mom could join me and my sister. My childhood was 80’s!, rough and strictly for survivors.

  • Please tell us what is your gift. And when did you discover your gift?

My response to the idea of a gift frustrates people that think I have a gift, because I insist that we all have gifts. That said, I’m not sure if I have a gift or gift, but I can certainly say I have “sensitivities”. These sensitivities affect how I see and process my world.


  • What is your favourite book currently?

I’m reading more articles and blogs than books at the moment. But something I was going through made me want to re-read “Hearing Visions Seeing Voices” by Mmatshilo Motsei and I’m still trying to work my way through “The art of Dreaming”.

  • What keeps you healthy mentally?

Music, real conversation and creative works across the board, but I love independent cinema ( whatever that means nowadays).

  • What’s your favourite film, why?

I honestly don’t have one, but I do suffer from film living in my mind for a while after I have watched them because of the things I’m forced to interrogate about myself and my world.

  • Who is your favourite fictional character, why?

Nola Darling in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It. She was a beautiful hot mess, but had the courage to keep ploughing through. When I’d discuss her character with other people it always highlighted how certain personality types are misunderstood.

  • Who is your favourite non-fictional character, why?

Nina Simone… she sings my spectrum of feeling defiantly.

  • What’s your favourite fragrance?

It depends where I am on my menstrual cycle. You know?!?

  • Is there any activism, evolution, revolution you are involved in?

Yes! Me and my life!


  • Favourite food?

It depends on the season. But if you cut me some watermelon I’ll praise your ancestors.

  • Favourite drink?

I’m not sure but I bet it has some alc%.

  • Favourite piece of furniture?

I’m not sure if it counts as furniture, but I really like kists, I like them in dark wood, leather and ancient. Hidden compartments are a bonus. 

  • Favourite material possession?

A piece of material my maternal grandma gave me.

  • What are your views on online dating?

I’m all for it. Just stay safe and vigilant.

  • What is your favourite style?


  • What is the greatest lesson to learn in life?

That there are no lessons just illuminations and don’t judge what you didn’t have the light to see in the past.


  • Favourite music or album?

Oooooooh. I can’t! I! just! Can’t!

  • Favourite place?

Anywhere where I have access to mountains and natural running water.

  • Favourite way to travel?

Quick!… my broom! Kidding, flying or a road trip with an awesome playlist and conversations.

  • Favourite dream?

I dream A LOT, so I don’t have one. I’m just happy when I’m not fighting or running. Lol.

  • What satisfies you mind body & soul?

Music, laughter, compassionate and ludicrous conversations, good sleep, orgasms, cold mango in summer, the sound of my beloveds laughter, justice, creativity, an animal seeing your spirit and loving it, making others feel visible and appreciated.

  • What was your first success?

Making it though my childhood. LOL.  Okay, let me try again. Writing as a form of release and processing even through a variant of dyslexia.  

  • What is your current success?

I don’t think I can identify one. I’m just busy trying to make it breath by breath.

  • Describe yourself in one word?


  • What is divine about you?

It’s tangible and intangible. On a good day is when I feel connected to all the parts and vibrations around me. On another good day, it’s when it hits me just how many lives it took for me to enjoy my current existence.

  • What does physicaldivine mean to you?

For me its about imperative conversation, holding space and appreciation of all the parts that make us the unrepeatable Beings that we are.