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A Reflection on Prejudice. Artwork by Biayi Dodi: An Artistic Statement Written By Nosana Sondiyazi

We compete to survive. How strange it is that each individual and all families need to feel safe, with enough on the table to live. However when people meet in the street they become strangers and enemies. As different as we may seem to each other, when we meet as strangers, we replay our sameness and witness our sameness every day. When confrontation is forsaken we recognize each other.
Our daily routines as dissimilar as they may be, carry a commonness. Showing everyday activities of our world, of hand to mouth existence, men and women commuting from townships, using public transportation, resting in between. Sharing space in the world without luxuries, but with so much dignity.
Biayi Dodi uses acrylic on canvas, sometimes adding mixed media such as newspaper. Each human being depicted by Dodi, either as an individual in a portrait or suspended moments, have active strokes that continue to remind us, we share space, we live, we work, we eat, we breathe. Without anything in common, we persist to subsist in our many conditions, trivialized by those with more than others.
Each first breath taken in life, of any living being is the same, each last breath of life of any living being is the same. We compare all the breaths in between, kidnapping the beauty of the illiterate when, all is beautiful. The language of beauty is all around us. In the peaceful moments that connect us when we pause our troubles. We are sometimes unaware that we abandon and rescue each other with our eyes and minds when we ignore how identical we are. When we remember how identical we are.
Dodi’s work represents the forgotten communities and humans that live amoungst us. We are them. They are us. We are all each other.