Nelson Makamo

the cat is ginger

The first time I saw Makamo’s work was at the Cape Town Art Fair. My taste in art is largely constituted by this, ‘Can I see it in my home; would I like it in my home’. If the answer is no, I don’t like the piece (even if I marvel at the workmanship and investment value). An artist whose work I can see in my home, whose work I would love in my home, is Nelson Makamo. He has made it into my top 5 favourite South African artists.

Johannesburg-based, Nelson Makamo was born in Limpopo and moved to Joburg at a young age. He studied at Newtown’s Artist Proof Studio, and has launched a heavyweight career since, proving himself to be a rising talent and investment artist. Highly skilled as a painter, printmaker and draughtsman, he works in oils, watercolour, silkscreen & monotype print, charcoal as…

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