Cos Res & Noa Si

[03:12:14 PM] Cos Res: haha
[03:12:18 PM] Cos Res: does drinking make you horny?
[03:12:36 PM] Noa Si: not really
[03:12:41 PM] Noa Si: sometimes weed does
[05:32:19 PM] Cos Res: haven’t had a join in ages
[05:32:23 PM] Cos Res: hows your mum doing?
[05:32:44 PM] Noa Si: She’s fine i think. we don’t talk, we just live in the same house.
[05:32:55 PM] Noa Si: Your mom ok?
[05:33:16 PM] Cos Res: yeah stressed about finishing the new build but otherwise divorcee suits her much better
[05:33:35 PM] Noa Si: cool man!
[05:45:21 PM] Cos Res: yeah at least she is more at peace
[05:45:41 PM] Noa Si: hopefully yeah
[05:45:58 PM] Noa Si: well she’s not dead. we don’t need peace that badly.
[05:46:15 PM] Noa Si: she must get a toy boy in the meantime
[05:46:16 PM] Cos Res: lol


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